Street Plaza

By incorporating some of the original loading bay’s features into our design, we have created a plaza with authentic street character. Rough surfaces and unusual shapes are combined with smooth and forgiving ply transitions, whilst large windows let in a wash of diffuse natural light.

plaza with street character
plaza with street character
plaza with street character


Classic, simple and open, catering to the needs of all action-sports disciplines. It meanders from a 5ft shallow end, to a 7ft deep end, with a 9.5ft extension.

A small mini-ramp adjacent to the bowl offers space for beginners to practice riding transition.

Guy on bike on the bowl doing trick
bowl completed
bowl completed

Modular Area

Visiting skatepark facilities can feel repetitive after attending many times, and it is expensive to completely change the layout of a park once constructed.

We have tackled this problem by leaving a large part of the park open for temporary, movable obstacles which can be reconfigured. A storage area is hidden underneath the large 5-stair bleachers which can house obstacles not in use. These bleachers are themselves a skateable obstacle, but can also double up as seating for film screenings.

Guy on skateboard mid air

Trampoline Room

A combination of trampolines, gymnastics flooring and a ramp with a foampit landing provides the perfect reduced-risk playground for discovering new ways to move.

You can use this space on foot, skateboard, bike, scooter or rollerblades, however wheels are not permitted on the trampolines. You can try out our trampoline bike or grab a deck without hardware to bounce on.

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